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Thomas Turner

05 January 2016

1859 – Former Townhall, Derry

Architect: Thomas Turner Former townhall sited in the centre of the Diamond – the site of the war memorial today. Destroyed by fire and later demolished after the opening of the Guildhall. Extended...

14 July 2015

1866 – Design for steps, City Hall, Dublin

Architect: Thomas Turner In 1814, while the building was still the Royal Exchange, the balustrade at the front collapsed killing a number of people in a crowd gathered outside to witness the punishment...

12 July 2012

1859 – Town Hall, Coleraine, Co. Derry

Architect: Thomas Turner Designed by Thomas Turner, the Town Hall was built in 1859 by McLaughlin & Harvey for the then large sum of £4,147, with The Honourable the Irish Society contributing £2,500....