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U2 Tower

31 January 2010

No elevation for U2 Tower until 2011

The planned U2 Tower in the Dublin docklands has been put on hold for another year. The Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA) has written to the backers of the €200 million project, saying...

02 April 2009

Property slump means no U2 tower on the horizon

Dublins landmark U2 tower is farther away than ever from being built following the decline in the property market. The Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA) said in October it had suspended “negotiations regarding...

11 January 2009

U2 tower could face legal challenge

The architects who won an international competition to design the U2 tower at Dublin’s south docks are contemplating legal action against the Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA). In a response to a Freedom...

14 October 2008

Missing crane may delay U2 Tower

The Dublin Docklands Authority is seeking to remove an old maritime crane from the Record of Protected Structures (RPS) to facilitate the development of the U2 Tower, a local environment group has claimed....

01 June 2008

U2 tower is ‘stuck in a moment’

There are growing doubts over the future of the landmark U2 tower in Dublin’s docklands as the fallout from economic downturn continues to take its toll on the property market. Informed construction industry...

07 May 2008

U2 tower now ready for Elevation

After years of planning, wrangling and rowing, it finally looks like the landmark U2 tower is finally set to get off the ground. Plans for the Liffey highrise remain on course even though...

29 February 2008

Dublin split over the U2 Tower

Dubliners like a good debate and a recent hot topic of discussion has been the U2 Tower, the development in the city’s docks area that has earned its nickname through the involvement of...

03 December 2007

Building plans give U2 hometown blues

Abroad, the biggest rock band on the planet are lauded as the champions of the poor and the conscience of rich nations normally indifferent to global poverty. But at home in their native...

08 November 2007

New height hitch for U2 Tower

A major discrepancy between the winning scheme for the U2 Tower at Britain Quay in Dublin’s Docklands and the much taller structure intended to be built is revealed by a drawing obtained by...

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