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UK architects

08 June 2009

William Henry Romaine-Walker (1854-1940)

William Henry Romaine-Walker was a member of the family of dealers who ran Walker’s Galleries. Following his schooling at Lancing College, he was articled for five years to one of the leading Victorian...

08 June 2009

Robson, Edward Robert (1835-1917)

Edward Robert Robson was born in Durham on 2 March 1835 and from 1851-53 worked in the building firm of his father. During this time he executed his first design for the Bethel...

08 June 2009

Pugin, Edward Welby (1834-1875)

The founder of the Pugin & Pugin practice was Edward Welby Pugin, born in London on 11 March 1834, eldest son of Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin and his second wife Louisa Burton. He...

08 June 2009

Andrew Noble Prentice (1866-1941)

November 1883 to 1888, remaining as assistant for a few months after completing his apprenticeship. In the latter year he won the Soane Medallion, which together with family money enabled him to undertake...

08 June 2009

Phipps, Charles John (1835-97)

Born in Bath, his first major work was the rebuilding of Theatre Royal, Bath in 1862/3, after the old theatre had been destroyed by fire. Moving to London, he quickly established himself as...

08 June 2009

Peto, Harold (1854-1933)

Harold Ainsworth Peto was born in 1854 and died in 1933, left a wonderful legacy in the Italian gardens that he created in England in the early years of this century; first and...

08 June 2009

Newton, Ernest (1856-1922)

After having been at school at Uppingham, he entered the office of Richard Norman Shaw, with whom he spent the following six years. Here in the company of a gifted band of young...

08 June 2009

Mountford, Edward William (1855-1908)

English architect who designed several Gothic Revival churches, but is best known for his public buildings, including the Free Renaissance-style Sheffield Town Hall (1890-7) with elements culled from Spain, France, England, and The...

08 June 2009

William Morley (1847-1930)

William James Morley was born in 1847 and educated at Leeds Grammar School. He was articled to Lockwood & Mawson of Bradford in 1861 and became their office manager in 1868, leaving at...

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