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Vestry Hall

31 March 2013

1869 – Public Office & Vestry Hall, Stratford, London

Architect: John Giles & Lewis Angell Now known as Stratford Old Town Hall. The Grade II listed West Ham Town Hall was built in 1869. It was designed by Lewis Angell and John...

22 November 2012

1884 – Vestry Hall, Kensington, London

Architect: J.J. Stevenson & A.J. Adams Elevation towards High Street. Unbuilt proposal published in The Building News, August 1st 1884.

03 December 2010

1886 – New Vestry Hall & Offices, Fulham, London

Architect: George Edwards Selected design published in The Building News, October 15th 1886.

15 November 2010

1879 – New Vestry Hall, Bromley, Kent

Architect: A. & C. Harston Parish of Bromley Saint Leonard, perspective including ground plans & 1st floor plans from The Building News, June 13th 1879. “The foundation-stone of this building was laid on...

03 November 2010

1885 – Chelsea Vestry Hall Competition

Architect: Newman & Newman Elevation Section & Plan with estimated Cost £14,452. Published in The Builder, May 16th.1888.

23 October 2009

1875 – New Vestries, Choir Schools, Well Street, London

Architect: E.C. Robins From The Architect, December 25, 1875: We give a north-east view of the above building, which has recently been erected at a cost of G.OCXU, from the designs and under...

16 October 2009

1862 – St. James’s Vestry Hall, Piccadilly, London

Architect: A.P. Howell From The Building News, May 16, 1862: A building, now approaching completion, and of which we give a JL view on another page, has been erected by the Vestry of...

07 August 2009

1906 – St. Annes Vestry Hall, Blackfriars, London

Architect: Banister Fletcher & Sons

31 July 2009

1877 – Design for a New Vestry Hall, Kensington, London

From The Building News, 26 October 1877. Unsuccessful competition design for a new Vestry Hall for the Borough of Kensington.

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