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Waller & Son

29 March 2014

1899 – Public Library & Technical Schools, Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Architect: Waller & Son Still in use today as a public library, the main Gloucester Library in Brunswick Road was constructed at the end of the 19th century as a memorial to Queen...

03 October 2012

1878 – Derby School of Art, Derbyshire

Architect: Waller & Son The former Derby Central School of Art dating from late 1878 and was home for many years to an arthouse cinema. Quite a bizarre-looking building with toplit studio space...

06 May 2010

Waller, Frederick Sandham (1822-1905)

A British architect and antiquarian of Gloucester, where he was the resident architect to the dean and chapter of Gloucester Cathedral. He began his career in the office of the civil engineer and...

06 May 2010

1892 – Lodge at Newent Court, Gloucestershire

Architect: Waller & Son Published in The Building News, May 11th 1892. Perspective Views from Road & Drive including plans.