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29 August 2013

1858 – Royal Victoria Patriotic Building, Wandsworth, London

Architect: Major Rhode Hawkins Funded by Prince Albert’s Royal Patriotic Fund, the building was intended for the ‘Education and Training of three hundred Orphan Daughters of Soldiers, Seamen and Marines who perished in...

03 July 2012

1875 – New Stillhouse & Engine Room, Wandsworth Distillery, London

Architect: E.F.C. Clarke New Stillhouse & Engine Room published in The Building News, February 26th 1875.

14 December 2009

1886 – Workhouse, Garratt Lane, Wandsworth, London

Architect: Thomas W. Aldwinckle Very similar in design to the nearby Lambeth workhouse by the same architect. According to “The buildings consisted of a central administration block which also contained separate dining...

15 October 2009

1879 – Houses, Nightingale Lane, Wandsworth, London

Architect: T.E. Collcutt Perspective View including ground plans published in The Building News, June 13th 1879. “These houses which we illustrate this week from the pen and ink drawing now on view at...