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27 April 2010

1887 – 173 McDermot Avenue – Mitchell Block, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architect: A.T. Timewell The date stone over the centre window of the top floor of this building reads 1886, making it one of the earlier structures of the area. It was built for...

27 April 2010

1919 – Winnipeg Hydro Showroom, Winnipeg, Manitoba

In 1910, land for a power substation was acquired by the City of Winnipeg on the west side of King Street, north of Notre Dame Avenue. The King Street substation was completed in...

27 April 2010

1910 – Werier Block, 238 Princess Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

A stark and obvious example of the Exchange warehouse developed in two stages (which many were) – the original four floors received a vastly different treatment than the final three stories whiuch were...

27 April 2010

1906 – Frost & Wood Warehouse, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architect: James H. Cadham The Frost and Wood Warehouse was built by contractor Philip Burnett for some $50,000. It is of mill construction with a rubblestone foundation, thick brick walls, an interior frame...

27 April 2010

1905 – Carnefac Block, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architect: John H.G. Russell Small warehouse building until recently in use as a French Bistro. The interior features a wooden post and beam construction and exposed brickwork.

27 April 2010

1906 – Ryan Block, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architect: Blair & Northwood Like many other local warehouses, 44 Princess has a symmetrical fa├žade divided into three parts and highlighted by Romanesque detailing. The main floor is dominated by three oversized arched...

27 April 2010

1906 – Fairchild Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architects: John D. Atchison & Herbert B. Rugh J.D. Atchison, a Chicago-trained architect, who set up his very successful Winnipeg office in 1905, designed the building and another relocated Chicago designer, H. B....

27 April 2010

1913 – Adelman Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architect: John H.G. Russell Constructed in 1903 as the new Campbell Brothers and Wilson warehouse, the Adelman Building was located on the C.P.R. spur line that still runs behind Princess Street. Three large...

27 April 2010

1903 – Bole Drug Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architect: John H.G. Russell Another fine warehouse by John H.G. Russell, the Bole Drug Building was designed specificially for pharmaceutical production. The various departments, each supervised by qualified chemists, were efficiently organized for...

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