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Architecture of Worcestershire

02 July 2011

1884 – Semi Detatched Villas,Kings Norton, Worcestershire

Designed for W. B. Featherstone esq., and published in The Architect, April 26th 1884.

24 February 2011

1876 – New Church, Mitton, Stourport, Worcestershire

Architect: George Gilbert Scott Perspective & interior view published in The Building News, September 29th 1876

05 January 2011

1892 – “Firsdene”, Lickey, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

Architect: Bateman & Bateman Perspective View from The Building News, July 9th 1892.

21 September 2010

1898 – Wood Norton, Kings Norton, Worcestershire

Architect: William de Lacy Aherne “This residence, for Mr. Theodore Pritchett, is situated in the New-read, King’s Norton, the site sloping towards the south, the best rooms being placed so as to secure...

23 June 2010

1902 – House At Barnt Green, Worcestershire

Architect: Horace G. Bradley Published in The Building News, May 23 1902.

23 February 2010

1875 – College House, Malvern College, Worcestershire

Architect: Haddon Bros. The school opened in January 1865 with about 24 boy pupils and around six teachers. Initially, there were two houses but expansion was rapid and by 1877 there were six...

28 September 2009

1722 – Worcester Guildhall, Worcestershire

Architect: Thomas White The Worcester Guildhall was originally built as a meeting place for Worcester merchants artound 1227. As with many other guildhalls, it became the centre for civic administration, a role it...

13 September 2009

15th C. – Huddington Court, Worcestershire

15th-century manor house, described by Sir Nikolaus Pevsner as ‘the most picturesque house in Worcestershire’. The plans of the Gunpowder Plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605 were conceived in...

14 July 2009

1898 – The Court House, Broadway, Worcestershire

Architect: E. Guy Dawber

23 June 2009

1906 – House on The Madresfield Estate, Worcester, Worcestershire

Architect: Charles Heathcote & Sons

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