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World Monument Fund

08 October 2009

Carlisle Memorial Methodist Church, Belfast on World Monuments Fund list

The World Monuments Fund highlights sites in need of regeneration. Carlisle Memorial Methodist Church in Belfast has been derelict for 20 years despite its symbolic position between Catholic and Protestant communities has been...

08 October 2009

Belfast church on global risk list seriously dilapidated

Decaying angels loom from lintels. There is an eerie silence about Carlisle Memorial Methodist Church, whose aged pillars and vaults have been colonised by vegetation. One stretch of wall is covered in hart’s...

07 October 2009

Russborough House on list of endangered heritage sites

Russborough House, Co Wicklow, has been included on a list of 93 endangered cultural and heritage sites around the world. The 18th-century demesne in Blessington was placed on the World Monument Fund’s 2010...