1864 – Design for Wesleyan Chapel, Athlone, Co. Westmeath

Architect: Alfred G. Jones


Largely constructed as designed and still standing today. The adjoining resident was never constructed. “It is of Early English character, about 53 feet in length by 22 feet, terminating on an octagon form, which admits of the pews radiating round the platform enclosure at end. The church contains pre sittings for about 250, with a gallery at one end. The roof is of open timber construction , and the octagon portion is surmounted by an ornamental spire, forming a conspicuous feature, and seen from the main entrance to the town along the banks of the Shannon river. The design, which is novel and attractive, promises to be an ornament to the town, and the entrance front, which is in Northgate-street, is of an imposing character. There is also a basement story under the church, intended for schools and a suitable residence is designed and intended to be erected adjoining the building. The cost will be about 1,700 to 1,800.” From The Irish Builder, March 15 1864.