John Skipton Mulvany (1813-1870)

John Skipton Mulvany (1813-1870) was the son of Thomas J. Mulvany – a friend and biographer of James Gandon. For an architectural education, he was articled to William Deane Butler and was later appointed architect to the Dublin and Kingstown Railway for which he designed stations along the route. He was also the architect to the Midland Great Western Railway for which he designed the terminus hotel and station at Galway and a station at Athlone (now derelict).

His outstanding work is the terminus of the Midland Great Western at Broadstone in Dublin. This great structure with its egyptian and greek themes stands at a high point in the city. Now used as a bus garage, the station’s great platform shed still has the power and presence to impress. The original shed roof was designed by Richard Turner but was a little too optimistic in its engineering and had to be replaced when it collapsed in 1851.

He was also runner-up in the competition to design Kingsbridge (Heuston) Station. As well as railway stations he also designed two yacht clubs in Kingstown (now Dun Laoghaire).