1860s – Victoria Hotel, Ferryquay Gate, Derry

Fine Italianate hotel building constructed beside one of the gates into the city, the Ferrygate. Demolished in 1994.

1845 – Cahore House, Gorey, Co. Wexford

Architect: Daniel Robertson

A seaside villa redesigned and enlarged into a small mock Tudor castle incorporating a fake “medieval”

1745 – Drewstown, Co. Meath


Attributed to Francis Bindon by the Knight of Glin in the 1960s, Drewstown is a slightly gauche, oddly proportioned country house almost certainly designed by an amateur.

1751 – Castle Morres, Co. Kilkenny

Architect: Francis Bindon

The first Viscount Mountmorris commissioned Castle Morres as one of the largest stately homes in the country and it was built in approximately 1751.

1841 – Browne-Clayton Monument, Carrigbyrne, Co. Wexford

Architect: Thomas A. Cobden

Started in 1839 by General Robert Browne-Clayton as a memorial to his late commander Sir Ralph Abercromby,

1913 – Baldoyle Racecourse, Dublin

Architect: Batchelor & Hicks

Illustration from The Building News showing the reinforced concrete stand under construction, Designed by Messrs.

1916 – Picture Theatre , Duncairn Gardens, Belfast

Architect: F.T. Waddington

From The Building News, August 16 1916: “This cinema theatre, illustrated to-day has been recently erected in Duncairn Gardens Belfast,

1854 – Lansdowne Flax Mill / Cleeve’s, Limerick

Constructed as the Lansdowne Spinning and Weaving factory between 1851-54 for John Norris Russell. The buildings cost in the region of £80,000 and were designed to employ 6,000 workers.

1930s – Unbuilt Transporter Bridge, Dublin

Engineer: Joseph Mallagh

A proposal by Joseph Mallagh, Engineer to the Dublin Port and Docks Board. His work included the reconstruction of Alexandra Quay (1921-31) and the rebuilding of Butt Bridge (1929-32).

2008 – Unbuilt Proposal for Markets Area, Dublin

Architect: HKR Architects, Make Architects and Gehl Architects

A collaborative design team formed by HKR Architects, Make Architects and Gehl Architects were selected to redesign and redevelop Dublin’s City Markets.